TIF2019: Family Reunion for the Last Idol franchise

The Last Idol Family is still rather unknown outside of the Japanese archipelago, despite an overwhelming presence and its rising popularity since its creation in 2017. First created through a performance and competition-based TV show with young aspiring idols, the winners went on to join one of the five groups that now constitute Last Idol (big) Family, produced by Akimoto Yasushi. The entire franchise was there during the 3 days of Tokyo Idol Festival!

Table of contents:

01. Someday Somewhere
02. LaLuce
03. Good Tears
04. Choux Cream Rockets
05. Last Idol Family
06. Full photo gallery

Someday Somewhere

Someday Somewhere was produced by Sashihara Rino during the “Producer Battle”, chairwoman of Tokyo Idol Festival herself! Made of six members, they were able to perform four tracks such as “Kono Koi wa Transit”, “Again & Again”, “Otona Survivor” and “Subliminal Sakusen” on the heights of the Sky Stage.


LaLuce was produced by Goto Tsugutoshi during the “Producer Battle” and reigned on the Sky Stage for about fifteen minutes. With five members in total, they performed two of Last Idol’s singles such as “Bandwagon” and “Everything will be all right”, and two of their own tracks, “Anta Dareda” and “Kazyo Fuke!”.

Good Tears

Good Tears was produced by artist Oda Tetsuro during the “Producer Battle” and appeared on August 2nd on the Dream Stage. There were five of them for this special performance, during which they sang their song “Namida no Kamen” in addition to “Seishun Symphony” from sister group Love Cocchi, and “Love Docchi” from the mother group.

Choux Cream Rockets

Choux Cream Rockets was directly produced by Akimoto Yasushi during the “Producer Battle”, who does not need any further introduction. With three members, they got to perform not only on the Dream Stage but also during Last Idol’s general performance on the Hot Stage. For both occasions, they did not miss to sing their iconic track “Kimi no Achoo!”, also Last Idol’s second single.

Last Idol Family

Supporting members from Last Idol’s second generation also had their time to shine in the limelight of the Doll Factory stage. Finally, the festival could not end without a general reunion of the Last Idol family, bringing together all 46 members in total!

Flawless success for Last Idol Family at this year’s Tokyo Idol Festival, as their ubiquity and the members’ genuine bright energy are always a hit. Their 7th single “Seishun Train” will be released on September 11th, 2019!

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Photos by Jonathan, Kai, Brice and Ryan
Article by Brice

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