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Somosomo~Featured copy

Discovery: First contact with SOMOSOMO

On September 7th, 2020 was held the first edition of the collaborative concert MAD SHAKE exclusively broadcast online, in Shibuya Quattro in Tokyo. This hour and a half brought together 4 artists including the electro group NIKO NIKO TAN TAN, the idols rock group SOMOSOMO, the pop/rock group MINAMIS as well as the widely known…


Beach, watermelons and bikini: a Summer Idol Playlist

The sun is shining, the cicadas are waking up, Tokyo Idol Festival is getting closer… summer is not only about come to Japan but also everywhere else around the world of idol fans! It is the perfect opportunity for us to put up this little list of idol (and j-pop) songs that are perfect to…


Discovery: FES☆TIVE

Latest update: February 4, 2019 With a name like FES☆TIVE, you can already picture what kind of direction and sound such a group might have… and you would be right. Deriving from words such as “festival”, “positive” and “active”, the songs of FES☆TIVE describe these terms perfectly thanks to their colorful melodies. Add to this…

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