TIF2019: akishibu project on the way to the New World

Despite a good number of graduations, the latest ones being of two iconic members Miyatani Yue and Kera Hinako on May 24th, akishibu project came back just like a refreshing new breeze for this 2019 edition of the Tokyo Idol Festival!

With four new members and one new single, it’s with great pleasure that we meet again with Taguchiro Miiro et eight of her comrades during several performances. Whether it was on the Dream Stage, Doll Factory or on the Smile Garden stage, akishibu project could create their own “Wasurarenai Natsu” (unforgettable summer) thanks to their most popular tracks such as “Manatsu no Serenade” or “AKISHIBU WAY”.

We will surely hear a lot of akishibu project in the near future. Despite a significative line-up shuffle within the group, they keep going their own way and are headed forever and ever towards the “New World”!

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Photos by Jonathan, Kai and Ryan
Article by Nathan, translated to English by Brice

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