TIF2019: Uppercut Performances for Up Up Girls (Kari)

Regular guests of Tokyo Idol Festival since 2012, Up Up Girls (Kari) (pronounced Up Up Girls Kakko Kari) were very busy this year again, as three full days of activities and performances were waiting for them over the entire event.

Konatsu (pink), Saki (green), Akari (yellow), Azusa (orange) and Manami (blue) opened the festival from 10 in the morning on the warehouse-like stage of Doll Factory! It was an excellent way to give energy to all the fans who came all the way to Odaiba for the very first performances of this first day of TIF2019, starting with the dynamic rap parts of “5 to the 5th Power”, following with “Barebare I LOVE YOU”, then ending on the electric guitars of “Onegai Miwaku no Target”.

We went back to see Up Up Girls (Kari) a few times during the festival, especially for their final performance on the outdoor stage of Smile Garden, as they looked like they were trying to set the audience on fire during this already burning afternoon! Opening with the classic “Uppercut!” before following up with the catchy “Agenomics!!”, it is under a very appropriate clear blue sky that they kept the excitement going with “Hare☆HALation”, before closing this last performance at Tokyo Idol Festival 2019 with the crazy energy of “Appare”.

Bonjour Idol cannot hide their bias towards green member Mori Saki, who is currently studying French and never hesitates to interact with her French-speaking fans on social media! We sure hope that Saki and her friends at Up Up Girls (Kari) will get to perform in France one day, as French idol fans are already big fans of the world-famous Up-Front productions.

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Photos by Kai and Jonathan
Article by Melody

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