Second and last Summer Qualification of UNIDOL 2021 for Kanto Area

After the first summer qualifications, the Kanto qualifications continue with a second and last rounds on last July 8th!
This time, more than ten teams from different university was fighting to get the precious ticket for the grand finale on next August 31st.

Finally, four teams have been qualified :

Seijo Kanojo (Seijo University)
Momokyun☆ (Waseda University)
Kimowota☆7 (Hosei University)
UNGRID (Keio University)

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-9 pandemic Japan got into the maximum state of emergency and the organization committee of UNIDOL decided to cancel the grand finale which would be held on next August 31st. We will talk about UNIDOL again for their “Fresh” edition in October!

UP UP GIRLS KAKKO KARI was the secret guest of the day! That was also their second performance with their new formation.

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Thanks to UNIDOL management for the official photos.
Article and translation by Nathan.