On October 2nd, 3rd and 4th was held TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL Online 2020, with a brand-new format answering the needs for the world’s current exceptional circumstances. Despite the online format and the delayed dates to accommodate for the now-postponed Olympic Games, the event did not lose its spunk and lived up to its usual summer festival vibes.

“We saw so many different shows and stages this year”, chairwoman Sashihara Rino said during the Grand Finale on October 4th. “Thanks to the online format, I’m grateful I can still watch even if I’m someplace else or while doing my make-up.” TIF is also the place of several idol collaborations and rare concerts every year. For the first time in 10 years, the legendary Momoiro Clover Z delivered a setlist reminiscent of their early history. “I don’t really remember how happy we felt to be called to perform on such stage 10 years ago,” said leader Momota Kanako with a smile, “but we sure felt the pressure to sing in front of Sashihara-san today!”.

The 2020 edition of the festival closed with chairwoman Sashihara Rino calling the audience to scream “Tokyo Idol Festival!” together with all their strength.

Table of Contents:

01. Day 1
02. Day 2
03. Day 3

TIF Online 2020: Day 1

TIF Online 2020 started off on October 2nd with its usual radio stretching exercises! After a few words from chairwoman Sashihara Rino, all stages kicked off one by one. On this clear, cheerful and sweat-induced day performed on the stages of SMILE GARDEN and SKY STAGE groups such as ≠ME, BEYOOOOONDS, Tokyo Girls’ Style and Hello!Project Kenshuusei Unit, while Terashima Yufu took the newly-set LOFT STAGE. The HOT STAGE saw last, closing this first day on an energetic and bright performance.

TIF Online 2020: Day 2

This second day started off with 26ji no Masquerade opening on the main HOT STAGE with a very cute performance. STU48 took off on the SKY STAGE, wearing costumes of the same color as the skies that day, giving off a refreshing feeling. The sun set on Task have fun on the stage of SMILE GARDEN, with a new song produced by Tsunku♂. The HOT STAGE ended the day with Stardust’s Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku and their serious dancing and singing skills!

TIF Online 2020: Day 3

The final day of the festival started off with Sasaki Ayaka from Momoiro Clover Z opening on the SMILE GARDEN stage! Alongside Aarin were special guests from Momoiro Clover Z: fellow members Tamai Shiori, dressed as a shortcake, and Takagi Reni in a tea bottle costume! On the HOT STAGE, the TIF senbatsu of AKB48 reunited for a performance that did not lose to the online format of the event. They were followed by Hinatazaka46, also promoting their 1st album freshly released this past month. The 16 new recruits of Nogizaka46’s 4th generation also danced and sang for the first time on the HOT STAGE. Finally, after 10 years of absence, Momoiro Clover Z returned to TIF, starting off with the legendary “Ikuze! Kaito Shoujo”, in a setlist worthy of over 10 years of history, before closing the festival on a high note.


Original report and official photos courtesy of TOKYO IDOL PROJECT.
Translated to English and French by Melody.

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