Discovery: First contact with SOMOSOMO

On September 7th, 2020 was held the first edition of the collaborative concert MAD SHAKE exclusively broadcast online, in Shibuya Quattro in Tokyo. This hour and a half brought together 4 artists including the electro group NIKO NIKO TAN TAN, the idols rock group SOMOSOMO, the pop/rock group MINAMIS as well as the widely known solo idol Terashima Yufu.
For this occasion, Bonjour Idol wishes to highlight the rock idol group of the evening, SOMOSOMO!

Created in May 2019, the group is still very young but it already has to its credit their first album “FIRST IMPACT”, which is available on Spotify. The group is currently composed of five members (from left to right on the picture below); Gogono Kotoko, Yohukashi Saera, Ultimate Miki, Komorebi Hiyori and Tsukuyomi Keiko.

At first listen, the musical influences immediately made one think of the monster group BiS, with their representative guitar riffs, swinging between energetic and melodic.
Beyond this first impression, SOMOSOMO still have their own identity with some electro influences, and have lively and catchy dance tunes, such as their final song “Miichuugummou”, which is one of our recommended listens!

Trained and far from being shy, the girls all knew how to release an incredible physical and vocal energy, specifically with the powerful solo moments from Miki and Kotoko on “Mukakin Hate”!

With young, trained and motivated members, and top quality songs in their discography, we have the feeling they will keep making our and your ears shake for a long time! This is how we could sum up SOMOSOMO during this first contact with them. A group to follow!


02. Mukakin Hate (無課金ヘイト)
03. Liberty Marionette (リバティマリオネット)
04. Hero (ヒーロー)
05. Dorumamire Sensation (どろまみれセンセーション)
06. Sextet (セクステット)
07. Miichuugummou! (ミーチューグッモー!)

SOMOSOMO – Twitter SOMOSOMO – Spotify Page

Due to sanitary conditions, Bonjour Idol was unable to take pictures during the event. We thank SOMOSOMO’s management team for providing us the official photos.
Article and Translation by Brice