TIF2019: A bright future for =LOVE

=LOVE, the first group produced by former HKT48 member Sashihara Rino, came back for this year’s Tokyo Idol Festival edition! On stage during three days, the 12 members performed on three different stages. We had the occasion to see the group on two of them: on the main Hot Stage, and on the outdoor Smile Garden stage.

As per usual, the members unleashed a considerable amount of energy during their performance on the Smile Garden stage on this Friday afternoon, despite the boiling heat! The fan-pleaser setlist went from the very latest releases such as “Iranai Twintails” to their iconic “=LOVE”, the first original song they got to perform during their debut stage at TIF2017.

=LOVE still continues to surprise everyone and are not going to stop on their way anytime soon! They are going strong, along with the recent creation and debut of their first little sister group: ≠ME!

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Photos by Jonathan and Ryan
Article by Nathan, translated to English by Brice

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