Throwback to Tokyo Idol Festival 2018: Last Idol Family

Excited for the 2019 edition of the world’s biggest Japanese idol festival to come? Bonjour Idol is here to get your hype up with a series of articles featuring all our unreleased pictures of Tokyo Idol Festival 2018!

In this first masterpost are all our pictures of Last Idol Family.


01. Someday Somewhere
02. Love Cocchi
03. LaLuce
04. Good Tears
05. Choux Cream Rockets
06. Last Idol
07. Full gallery

Someday Somewhere

Love Cocchi


Good Tears

Choux Cream Rockets

Last Idol

Last Idol – Website Last Idol – Twitter

Tokyo Idol Festival 2018 – Website Tokyo Idol Festival – Twitter

Photos by Melody
Article by Nathan

Full gallery