Junjou no Afilia reunite with their audience with a new tour

With the current crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, idol activities have greatly slowed down in 2020. Junjou no Afilia have been affected as well and have seen their activities, such as public events and concerts, simply cancelled. In November however, the girls were back on stage with a national tour starting in Yokohama on the 21th. Announced in July, this tour titled “Kimi to Mahou no Etranger” went by Yokohama, Nakano, Nagoya, Osaka and ended in Tokyo. The tour’s theme song “RE:QUEST” has been written by Momoi Halko, their producer. This tune represents the group’s journey to reunite with their fans after months of separation.

Just like every tour, the group offers two performances for each date with a daytime and an evening concert. Kaori and her fellow comrades were able to share their entire discography surrounded by their fans, either directly at the venue or online on the Japanese streaming platform Zaiko. The group also unveiled a new stage costume with pink tones highlighting the feminine and cute side of each member.
Each performance were unique as one member picked one song to showcase. That’s how Anna was able to perform alone the group’s latest single “Like? Or Love?” at Yokohama‘s evening performance.

With eight shows, the members of Junjou no Afilia and their fans were able to reunite at the end of the year. However, the tour could not end without one performance in Tokyo! On December 26th, the group said goodbye to 2020 with two powerful performances.

They were held the same way, with the exception of the segment produced by one member, the highlight of every performance so far. Each of them began with two songs for the introduction and was followed up by a medley composed by Junjou no Afilia‘s well known title tracks. The show went on and famous tracks from both Afilia Saga and Junjou no Afilia eras were interpreted such as “I WANT TO GROW”, “Never say Never” and “Junjou no Babel”.
The “select corner” then happened, where the two or three members performed a set of three titles. Amina, Kana and Beel fired up the crowds with “Jumping!” as Anna, with Kaori delighted the fans with the song “Sepia”.

2020 will remain unprecedented, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even so, Junjou no Afilia made up for their year-long lack of activities with not less than ten shows throughout Japan.

The whole team at Bonjour Idol wish you a Happy New Year 2021! We will keep you up to date on the Japanese idol industry the best we can again this year!

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Photos by Melody and Kai.
Article by Nathan and translation by Brice.

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