The Journey goes on Beautifully for =LOVE: 2019-2020 Winter Tour Finale

We were able to meet =LOVE again in these early days of 2020 as we attended the final concert of their Winter Tour on January 17th at Zepp Tokyo!
2020年初めて、Bonjour Idolのチームが1月17日に東京・Zepp Tokyoに開催された=LOVEの全国ツアー「=LOVE Winter Tour『866』」のファイナル公演を見に行った !

Just like last September’s concert celebrating the group’s second anniversary, their sister group ≠ME performed on stage for the first part. Then, we heard “Kimi no Oto Dattanda”, “Seifuku no Mannequin” (Nogizaka46), “Sekai ni wa Ai Shika nai” (Keyakizaka46) and “Kyun” (Hinatazaka46), followed by Maneki Kecak‘s famous song “Kimi wa Zurai” as well as the group’s eponymous song “≠ME”!

Following this first segment, the audience could only be enthusiastic for the show’s main part. It began in high spirits with the usual overture and the bass line of “Iranai Twintail”, led by the kawaii and powerful duo composed of Saito Nagisa and Saito Kiara. We must point out that the girls were dressed with a brand new dark green and black costume, reminiscent of Keyakizaka 46’s fashion style. “Kioku no Doko ka de”, “Ima, Kono Fune ni Nore”, “Todoite♡LOVE YOU” and “Yokoso, Ikorabu Numa!” took over to ignite the room with all these dynamic and energetic vibes before the evening’s first MC break.
=LOVEのメンバーがステージに登場し、齊藤なぎさと齋藤樹愛羅の可愛いと強力なデュオに引っ張れて「いらない ツインテール」を披露。欅坂46感のある緑と黒チェック柄の新衣装のメンバーの姿から目が離せない。「記憶のどこかで」、「今、この船に乗れ!」、「届いてLOVE YOU▽」そして「ようこそ!イコラブ沼」、元気いっぱいパフォーマンスが次々。会場も熱心なファンでいっぱいに詰めかけている。

During this first MC, Otoshima Risa recalled that unlike the tour’s title “866” (symbolizing the number of days between the announcement of the group’s auditions results until the second anniversary) this number had then reached 994 on this special day.

The show could resume with the inseparable and powerful duo of Noguchi Iori and Sasaki Maika, performing “Niji no Moto”, wearing magnificent white dresses. Otani Emiri‘s “girly” squad (composed of Nagisa, Kiara, Morohashi Sana and Risa) dressed in pastel frilly gowns topped Zepp Tokyo in pink sugar coating with “Sweetest Girl”. “Oshi ni Iru Sekai” led by Satake Nonno and her comrades (Yamamoto Anna, Iori, Maika, Takiwaki Shoko and Oba Hana), all armed with glowsticks, paid a joyful tribute to all idol wotaku. Note that during the latter, a kami-call created specially by the members is started by the fans during the last chorus.
The unit segment could resume with three songs from the Sakamichi series’ discography; “DoReMiSoLaSiDo” (performed by Nonno, Anna, Hana, Shoko, Risa and Kiara) and “Kikkake” (performed by the magically and adorable duo of Emiri and Nagisa) were followed by an energetic cocktail of powerful vocals for “Glass wo Ware!” with Saito Kiara, Noguchi Iori, Sasaki Maika and Morohashi Sana!
続いて、白い衣装で佐々木舞香と野口衣織が「虹の素」を熱唱して、大谷映美里、音嶋莉沙、樹愛羅、諸橋沙夏のガーリーユニットが可愛らしいピンク衣装で「Sweetest Girl」を歌う。そこで、佐竹のん乃、山本杏奈、野口衣織、佐々木舞香、瀧脇笙古と大場花菜がペンライトを持ちながらヲタの曲「推しのいる世界」をパフォーマンス。「ドレミソラシド」、「きっかけ」そして「ガラスを割れ!」、ユニットのカバー曲で会場のテンションがさらにアップ!

In a second MC, the members took the opportunity to share some fun anecdotes that happened during the tour, which started last December. After a good 15 minutes of laughs and after changing into their costumes from their 6th single, the concert resumed again with the dramatic atmosphere of “Zurui yo, Zurui ne”. Directly followed by “Teokure caution”, the audience was left speechless when Kiara remained lying daydreaming on stage at the end. The members asked everyone to shout “Honban Chuu da zo!” to wake her up while “Kiara, Tasuke ni Kita zo!” started. But the surprises were not over, as where Kiara usually performs some leapfrog and combat moves, she went this time for a tablecloth challenge, wonderfully executed! Nagisa, Sana and Maika‘s vocals flew high in “Aikatsu Happy End”, and “Sagase Diamond Lily”, an exclusive version of “Want you! Want you!” spiced up by a dance break, and “Buukatsu-chu ni Me ga Au Natte Omottetan da” ended this medley before the last song of the evening, “866”.
次のMCではメンバーが去年の12月に始まった冬ツアーの面白いエピソードについて話して、衣装を着替えてからステージに戻ってドラマチックな「ズルいよ ズルいね」と「手遅れcaution」を披露。曲の終わりにステージ上に寝てる齋藤樹愛羅はメンバーとファンが共に「本番中だぞ!」と起こして、同時に「樹愛羅、助けに来たぞ!」が流れ始める。しかしサプライズの終わりではない!曲中に格闘場面を演技する樹愛羅は今回なんと、テーブルクロス引きチャレンジをやってみて大成功! 「アイカツハッピーエンド」、 「探せ ダイヤモンドリリー」、ダンスブレイクが入ってる「Want you!Want you!」、「部活中に目が合うなって思ってたんだ」そして「866」で=LOVEのライブの1stパートが終わる。

After the usual encore call, the 11 members came back on stage and sang their Christmas song “Bokura no Seifuku Christmas” which immediately followed with “Start!”. The final MC of this tour came to an end with plenty of announcements for the year 2020. It started with the announcement of the group’s 7th single which will be released on April 29th, and another new national tour. The latter will pass through different prefectures starting with Tochigi (Saito Kiara‘s prefecture) on March 8th, Ibaraki (Noguchi Iori‘s prefecture) on March 29th and Gunma (Satake Nonno‘s prefecture) on May 3rd. This tour will end in the famous Tokyo Dome City Hall on June 20th!
ものすごい熱いアンコールの後、メンバーが現れて、「僕らの制服クリスマス」と「スタート!」を歌う。最後のMCでは様々なことが発表された。=LOVEの7枚目のシングルが4月29日に発売されることと、3月から全国ツアーが始まるということも発表された。3月8日は栃木県・宇都宮市文化会館にて、3月29日は茨城県・結城市民文化センター アクロスにて、そして5月3日は群馬県・桐生市市民文化会館にライブが開催される。さらに、ツアーファイナルは6月20日、東京都・TOKYO DOME CITY HALLに決定された!

The 11 young girls (with Takamatsu Hitomi still on hiatus), moved by these good news, concluded this wonderful evening with the long-awaited and iconic song “= LOVE”! The 12 stars produced by Sashihara Rino couldn’t have ended 2019 and started 2020 better with this winter tour. We can’t wait to see them again on stage and to discover their next single.
大発表に感動する11人のメンバーがついに、待ちに待った「=LOVE」を歌ってライブが終わる。指原莉乃がプロデュース輝いてる12人のアイドルグループにとって、これ以上素晴らしい新年のスタートはない。Bonjour Idolも、これからのライブでメンバーのパフォーマンスを見れるのが楽しみにしてて、新曲の発売も待ちきれない。

Kameko Selection #1

Here’s our first special selection of pictures taken by kameko fans (fans who take photos during idols concerts)! Congratulations, and we are really grateful for their beautiful pictures!
こちらはBONJOUR IDOLチームの「カメコさんの撮った写真」のセレックションです!いつもの素敵なお写真ありがとうございます!

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01. Kimi no Oto Dattan da (君の音だったんだ)
02. Seifuku no Mannequin (制服のマネキン) / (Nogizaka46)
03. Sekai ni wa Ai Shikanai (世界には愛しかない) / (Keyakizaka46)
04. Kyun (キュン)/ (Hinatazaka46)
05. Kimi wa Zurai (きみわずらい) / (Maneki Kecak)
06. ≠ME
07. Iranai Twintail (いらないツインテール)
08. Kioku no Doko ka de (記憶のどこかで)
09. Ima, Kono Fune ni Nore! (今、この船に乗れ!)
10. Todoite♡LOVE YOU (届いて♡LOVE YOU)
11. Yokoso! Ikorabu Numa (ようこそ!イコラブ沼)
12. Niji no Moto (虹の素) / Sasaki Maika, Noguchi Iori
13. Sweetest Girl / Otani Emiri, Saito Nagisa, Saito Kiara, Morohashi Sana, Otoshima Risa
14. Oshi ni Iru Sekai (推しにいる世界) / Satake Nonno, Yamamoto Anna, Noguchi Iori, Sasaki Maika, Takiwaki Shoko, Oba Hana
15. DoReMiFaSoLaSiDo (ドレミファソラシド) / Oba Hana, Yamamoto Anna, Takiwaki Shoko, Otoshima Risa, Saito Kiara (Hinatazaka46)
16. Kikkake (きっかけ) / Otani Emiri, Saito Nagisa (乃木坂46)
17. Glass wo Ware! (ガラスを割れ!) / Sasaki Maika, Noguchi Iori, Saito Kiara, Morohashi Sana (Keyakizaka46)
18. Zurui yo Zurui ne (ズルい よ、ズルい ね)
19. Teokure caution (手遅れcaution)
20. Kiara, Tasuke ni Kita zo! (樹愛羅、助けに来たぞ!)
21. Aikatsu Happy End (アイカツハッピーエンド)
22. Sagase Diamond Lily (探せダイヤモンドリリー)
23. Want you! Want you!
24. Bukatsu-chuu ni Me ga Au Natte Omottetanda (「部活中に目が合うなって思ってたんだ」)
25. 866 (ハチロクロク)
EN01. Bokura no Seifuku Christmas (僕らの制服クリスマス)
EN02. Start! (スタート!)

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Special thanks to the management of =LOVE for providing us the official photos.
Additional photos by Nathan and =LOVE’s kameko
Article by Nathan, translated to English and Japanese Brice
and Angélique

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