Tokyo Idol Festival 2019: First round of announcements

As we are approaching the five-months countdown until Tokyo Idol Festival 2019, the festival officials officially launched the announcement waves with this very first round! Tokyo Idol Festival 2019 will take place on August 2nd-3rd-4th 2019 on Odaiba Island in the south of Tokyo. Here are the details!

Line-up Announcement

This first round of announcement comes with not less than 17 new idol groups announced as guests for this 2019 edition of the festival! Among them are the now world-famous, who have been regularly performing at Tokyo Idol Festival since 2010. They left a message to all 2019 future attendees:

Ever since we first appeared at TIF, the fun but also the frustrating moments we shared as have now become an irreplaceable experience. We are extremely happy to perform at TIF this year again! To the many idols who will be there, let’s create another unforgettable summer together along with the fans!

The other groups announced for Tokyo Idol Festival are: Appare!Harajuku・uijin・WILL-O’・Toricago・CROWN POP・Jewel☆Ciel・chuLa・26ji no Masquerade・Purely Monster・Philosophy no Dance・BLACKNAZARENE・Masshiro Campus・Marionette.・MaybeME・littlemore・Lily of the valley

VIP Tickets and Tickets Sales Celebration Event

Just like last year, the Kira Kira Tickets will be back! They are higher tier-priced tickets that come with various VIP benefits, such as the access to a special area at the front of the HOT STAGE and SMILE GARDEN stages, priority access to the SKY STAGE and goods sales area, a cloak room and lounge, as well as a special T-shirt and invitation card.

A special livestream event will be held on March 28 on SHOWROOM from 6:30pm (Japan) to celebrate the start of the tickets sales. Fans will be able to converse with idols in real time while purchasing their tickets.
Attending idol groups are: Appare!Harajuku・uijin・CROWN POP・chuLa・Philosophy no Dance.

TIF2019 Main Stage Access Battle Live

Ten idol groups will be competing in this pre-TIF2019 event to win a chance to perform on the festival’s main stage! The event will take place in June and the finals will be held during TIF2019 on August 2nd.

Participating groups are: WILL-O’・Jewel☆Ciel・chuLa・Toricago・Purely Monster・BLACKNAZARENE・Masshiro Campus・Marionette.・MaybeME・Lily of the valley

No.1 Idol Photographer Contest

A contest will be held during Tokyo Idol Festival 2019 for all amateur photographer idols attending! As part of the 10th anniversary commemoration, they will all receive one camera and will only have one snapshot to submit to enter the contest. The winner will get to hold her own photography exhibition. As a result, this year’s theme is “anniversary”.

Tickets Pre-sale Information

Kira Kira Tickets
3-Days Ticket: ¥100,000 (only 200 available)
1-Day Ticket: ¥40,000 (only 30 available for each day)
1. Access to a special area at the front of the HOT STAGE and SMILE GARDEN stage
2. Priority access to SKY STAGE
3. Priority access to the goods sales area
4. Access to the Kira Kira Ticket cloak room and lounge
5. Invitation card and T-Shirt (tickets holders will be required to wear the T-shirt to access the special areas mentioned in 1)
Sales end on April 14th.

Regular Tickets, T-Shirt included
3-Days Ticket: ¥19,200
1-Day Ticket: ¥9,400
Regular Tickets (wristbands)
3-Days Ticket: ¥17,000
1-Day Ticket: ¥7,200
Pre-sales with this pricing end on June 14th.

Ticket sales:
Rakuten Ticket

Tokyo Idol Festival 2019 TIP & TIF Official Twitter

Press Release and Photos : © TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2019
Translated to French and English by Melody