kolme throws on a name-warming party with new single “Why not me”

“Music Students”, “Musical Influencers”: those are the labels tied to the popular girls pop trio unit kolme. You might also know KOUMI, RUUNA and MIMORI as callme, the name they had been proudly using until their recent change of direction in October 2018.

kolme’s most recent previous release, playlist-album “Please callme! -20152018-“, was an experimental first for a change of style for the group. Such twist seemed to be the right move for kolme as two of the most popular songs on the album simultaneously made it to Spotify’s Viral Top 50 Japan.

Inspired by previous single “Hello No Buddy”, kolme’s new single “Why not me” tells the story of a dangerous love. The song’s appeal lies in how it manages to tell such story, by starting slow to express the emotional doubts love brings, slowly building up to explode in a marvellous firework.
B-side track rises the number of pieces in the Remix series to two, as remixer DE DE MOUSE offers us his own exciting version of “Hello No Buddy (DE DE MOUSE Remix)”.

“Why not me” offers us two brand new tracks balancing each other perfectly for yet another quality release from kolme, that you definitely don’t want to miss.

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Why not me


Released: October 29, 2018
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Press release translated to English and French by Melody