Iketeru Hearts will never stop loving you with the release of their 8th single

On November 12th, the BONJOUR IDOL team went to one of Iketeru Hearts‘ release events to celebrate the upcoming release of their 8th single, “Never stop love”.

Just like any other release event, it was divided in two parts: a one hour-long mini-live, followed by CD and goods sales in which fans could meet the members. This day was event more meaningful as it was also the very first public appearance for the group’s two new members, Yuzuki Nanaha and Fujisaki Shizuku! Announced during the reveal of the single’s music video, the two new recruits were warmly welcomed by excited fans.

The group’s 8th single “Never stop love” goes out on sale on November 27th, a.k.a. today! You can discover or re-discover three new songs, “Never stop love”, “KAKERA” and “MARIA”.

Congratulations to Iketeru Hearts for this new release and warm welcome to Shizuku and Nanaha! Don’t hesitate to drop by and meet them if you have the chance. Their next one-man live will be at Shimokitazawa SHELTER on December 14th.

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Never stop love

Iketeru Hearts

Released on: November 27th 2019
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Photos by Brice and article by Nathan