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Bonjour Idol Morning Musume 18 Profile Picture

Looking for new challenges and happiness with Morning Musume ’18 in “Are you happy?/A gonna”

After Kudo Haruka’s graduation from the group in late 2017, the 13 idols of Morning Musume ’18 are…

Bonjour Idol AKB48 Teacher Teacher Single

Towards new horizons : AKB48’s 52nd single has been released

Out today! You can finally set your eyes on all the music videos for AKB48’s 52nd single, “Teacher…

Live reports

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Tokyo Idol Festival 2018: NMB48 refreshed the Hot Stage for their first appearance

Ever since HKT48’s Sashihara Rino was appointed as chairwoman of the festival, AKB48 and their sister groups have…


Idols groups fired up the stage: Photo-report at Japan Expo 2018

Each year, Japan Expo, the biggest European convention on Japanese pop culture, has its share of exclusive guests!…

Bonjour Idol callme ultra musical scale photo

callme fine-Tune their style before Japan Expo 2018 with Ultra callme “Musical scale”

callme were in top form in the days leading up to Japan Expo 2018 in Paris with Ultra…

Interviews & Behind the scenes


A life after Baito AKB : Exclusive interview with Yui Chiyoda

Since 2005, AKB48 has been propelling idols into the star system. Then, the comets disappear. Well, not exactly.…


Are you ready to dance? Pre-Japan Expo interview with callme

Following the surprise announcement for this year’s Japan Expo Paris, 3-members girl group callme gave some of their…

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