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From 3 to 78WD: Task have Fun “Anytime Tasks 2019” Tour Finale in Nakano Sunplaza

Around two thousands fans gathered in the iconic Nakano Sunplaza hall on November 23rd to celebrate the grand…


Dawn of the Super Revolution: BURST GIRL New Member Debut Live Report

BURST GIRL kicked off a new chapter in their story with the debut of new members Anku and…


Saying Hello to New Dreams: Lily of the Valley 1st Anniversary Tour Finale Live Report

It was on October 20th that we met with idol group Lily of the Valley! Following up two…


Introducing MILCS HONMONO: Tokyo One-man Live Report

On October 6th, Bonjour Idol met up for the first time with idol group MILCS HONMONO, coming straight…


In the eye of the UP UP GIRLS kakko KARI storm: “5 to the 5th Power Sokonashi no Ichi taikan” Live Report

On October 27th 2019 was held UP UP GIRLS kakko KARI‘s concert, “5 to the 5th Power Sokonashi…

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Idols, Oshimen and the West: Interview with Ito Raira (former HKT48)

English-speaking idols are rare enough for us to notice them, but it is not only for her skills…


Road to Japan Expo Paris 2019: Interview with We=MUKASHIBANASHI

As we had introduced the very cheerful ladies of BANZAI JAPAN last year, here we are again and…

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Iketeru Hearts will never stop loving you with the release of their 8th single

On November 12th, the BONJOUR IDOL team went to one of Iketeru Hearts‘ release events to celebrate the…


Wada Ayaka makes her first solo appearance on the NEWTOWN 2019 stage

Wada Ayaka, who graduated from idol group ANGERME on June 18th, appeared on stage for a first solo…



Beach, watermelons and bikini: a Summer Idol Playlist

The sun is shining, the cicadas are waking up, Tokyo Idol Festival is getting closer… summer is not only about come to Japan but also everywhere else around the world of idol fans! It is the perfect opportunity for us to put up this little list of idol (and j-pop) songs that are perfect to…


Discovery: FES☆TIVE

Latest update: February 4, 2019 With a name like FES☆TIVE, you can already picture what kind of direction and sound such a group might have… and you would be right. Deriving from words such as “festival”, “positive” and “active”, the songs of FES☆TIVE describe these terms perfectly thanks to their colorful melodies. Add to this…

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Necronomidol, under their label VELOCITRON, is an idol group based in Tokyo created in June 2014, with a rock-like musical style with a big metal inspiration. It is currently composed of 5 members: Risaki Kakizaki, Sari, Hina Yotsuyu, Rei Imaizumi and Himari Tsukishiro, while they were only 4 at their debut. Only Risaki and Sari…

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