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Say hello to kolme and their brand-new album

“Music Students”, “Musical Influencers”: those are the labels tied to the popular girls pop trio unit kolme, aka…

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The Case of Yamaguchi Maho: a Tale of Saving Face and Women’s Rights

Latest update: January 11, 2019 It was hard to miss over the past couple of days, ever since…

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Heading towards the future: =LOVE’s first solo concert

Since their first appearance at Tokyo Idol Festival 2017, =LOVE has experienced a huge rise in popularity. Less…


Midwinter Serenade: akishibu project 6th One-Man Live

akishibu project returned to Zepp Tokyo on January 26, 2019 for their 6th One-Man Live “Minasan, Junbi wa…


NECRONOMIDOL Bids Farewell to Sari and Yotsuyu Hina at Shibuya WWW X

NECRONOMIDOL parted ways with Sari and Hina Yotsuyu with an electrifying performance at Shibuya WWW X on January…

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After Paris, head to London! BANZAI JAPAN to conquer Europe!

Taking place every year in July is the biggest European gathering celebrating Japanese culture: the world-famous Japan Expo…


A life after Baito AKB : Exclusive interview with Yui Chiyoda

Since 2005, AKB48 has been propelling idols into the star system. Then, the comets disappear. Well, not exactly.…



Discovery: FES☆TIVE

Latest update: February 4, 2019 With a name like FES☆TIVE, you can already picture what kind of direction and sound such a group might have… and you would be right. Deriving from words such as “festival”, “positive” and “active”, the songs of FES☆TIVE describe these terms perfectly thanks to their colorful melodies. Add to this…

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Necronomidol, under their label VELOCITRON, is an idol group based in Tokyo created in June 2014, with a rock-like musical style with a big metal inspiration. It is currently composed of 5 members: Risaki Kakizaki, Sari, Hina Yotsuyu, Rei Imaizumi and Himari Tsukishiro, while they were only 4 at their debut. Only Risaki and Sari…


Discovery: Malcolm Mask McLaren

Current members: Mone, Ai, Kana, Momo Do you know the Sex Pistols? If you are familiar with rock music, I guess you do, but do you know their manager, Malcolm McLaren? It’s partly with his name that in September 2015, Asian Promotion, the label of Malcolm Mask McLaren (abbreviated as MMM), decided to launch his…

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