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Voyage to the Blue Ocean with Junjou no Afilia: Maho Graduation Concert

We were able to witness a full-size pilgrimage on September 29th, as fans of Junjou no Afilia, and…


The Show Must Go On: Iketeru Hearts’ 5th Anniversary Live Report

It was a very strange yet fulfilling day for Iketeru Hearts in this September 8th. The group had…


Summer never ends with ONEPIXCEL: Tour Finale Live-Report

Our first encounter with ONEPIXCEL on September 22nd was more than surprising! Composed of three talented young ladies,…


TIF2019: AKB48 Assemble at Tokyo Idol Festival

Table of contents: 01. AKB48 TIF2019 Senbatsu 02. AKB48 Team 8 03. AKB48 2029 Radio Fresh Senbatsu AKB48…


TIF2019: Hello!Project Recaptures The Hearts of Odaiba

The acts of Hello!Project need no longer introduction, true beehive of idol talents for a couple of dozen…

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Idols, Oshimen and the West: Interview with Ito Raira (former HKT48)

English-speaking idols are rare enough for us to notice them, but it is not only for her skills…


Road to Japan Expo Paris 2019: Interview with We=MUKASHIBANASHI

As we had introduced the very cheerful ladies of BANZAI JAPAN last year, here we are again and…

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Wada Ayaka makes her first solo appearance on the NEWTOWN 2019 stage

Wada Ayaka, who graduated from idol group ANGERME on June 18th, appeared on stage for a first solo…


Tracklist and cover art revealed for NECRONOMIDOL’s “scions of the blasted heath”

Ultradark Japanese idol unit NECRONOMIDOL will release the first recording featuring their new 2019 lineup on June 12.…



Beach, watermelons and bikini: a Summer Idol Playlist

The sun is shining, the cicadas are waking up, Tokyo Idol Festival is getting closer… summer is not only about come to Japan but also everywhere else around the world of idol fans! It is the perfect opportunity for us to put up this little list of idol (and j-pop) songs that are perfect to…


Discovery: FES☆TIVE

Latest update: February 4, 2019 With a name like FES☆TIVE, you can already picture what kind of direction and sound such a group might have… and you would be right. Deriving from words such as “festival”, “positive” and “active”, the songs of FES☆TIVE describe these terms perfectly thanks to their colorful melodies. Add to this…

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Necronomidol, under their label VELOCITRON, is an idol group based in Tokyo created in June 2014, with a rock-like musical style with a big metal inspiration. It is currently composed of 5 members: Risaki Kakizaki, Sari, Hina Yotsuyu, Rei Imaizumi and Himari Tsukishiro, while they were only 4 at their debut. Only Risaki and Sari…

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