2nd Trigger to Destiny: 4th Generation Debut for Iketeru Hearts

Since the graduation of leader Nijika last December, Iketeru Hearts has been undergoing a round of interesting line-up changes. The more recent departure of 2nd generation member Imai Aki was also followed by the announcement of the group’s 4th generation audition results.

This March 21st, second day of concerts from their “7 Triggers to Destiny” series, was a very special one as Iketeru Hearts’ 4th generation rookie members made their stage debut! Not less than seven new faces were officially presented to the audience, and it would seem that fans already started picking favorites, as Tachibana Rie noticed a shift in their seating placement between both performances.

The evening performance warmed the crowd up with “Believe In My Dreams” and “LOVE♡LOVE♡LOVE”, before the members took some time to greet the audience and tease the night’s highlights in a short talk.
The core of the concert was introduced by a party remix version of the chill rap beats of “Distance Love”, followed by “Never stop love”, “Drawing Again” and “Rosetta Stone”. The members then broke into two units for the next couple of songs. Aise Risako, Koizumi Shiika, Yuzuki Nanaha and Fujisaki Shizuku spread some love with the upbeat and cutesy “Otomegokoro”, while Tachibana Rie, Usami Madoka and Shiroki Leia brought back the classic “Triangle Wave” – admitting that it had been quite a while since they had performed it and they had to practice a bit more to remember the choreography.

1st generation and founding members Tachibana Rie and Usami Madoka then took the stage to officially introduce their 4th generation to the public: Minami Ichigo (active at Afilia Stars cafe as Ichigo P. Fromage), Yamaguchi Mimi, Saeki Fuuka, Suzuki Kotone (ex-FES☆TIVE), Koujina Ruki, Kumamoto Miwa (ex-Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome) and Kayama Mitsuki (ex-Popoloconnect).
The 4th generation then performed fan-favorite “MARIA”, led by Suzuki Kotone in the center position.

The 4th Generation on “MARIA”

The rookie members took off to leave the stage to their seniors, and it was then time for Iketeru Hearts to introduce their newest song, “Suki da yo Sunshine” – a very typical idol-like upbeat song that melted everyone’s hearts with its warmth!
The concert then ended with “Ai to iu mei ~in the name of love~”, “Kibou no Chizu” and “Lumica Jane”, before closing with “KAKERA”, Aise Risako taking over Nijika’s uplifting solo lines.

Iketeru Hearts are keeping the pace up with these Triggers to Destiny, as the third installment’s setlist will be voted by their fans! It leaves us wondering what they could possibly have in store for the final concert of the series, as the sun still shines bright on the group’s future.

4th Generation, from left to right: (top row) Minami Ichigo, Yamaguchi Mimi, Kumamoto Miwa, Kayama Mitsuki (front row) Saeki Fuuka, Suzuki Kotone, Koujina Ruki


01. Believe In My Dreams
03. Distance love(Party Ver.)
04. Never stop love
05. Drawing Again
06. Rosetta Stone (ロゼッタ・ストーン)
07. Otomegokoro (オトメゴコロ) – Aise Risako, Koizumi Shiika, Yuzuki Nanaha, Fujisaki Shizuku
08. Triangle Wave – Tachibana Rie, Usami Madoka, Shiroki Leia
09. MARIA – 4th generation
10. Suki da yo Sushine (好きだよSunshine)
11. In the name of love 〜Ai to iu mei no moto ni〜 (In the name of love 〜愛という名のもとに〜)
12. Kibou no Chizu (希望の地図)
13. Lumica Jane (ルミカジェーン)

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Photos by Melody.
Article and translation by Melody

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