Iketeru Hearts end the Year 2019 in Beautiful Night with a One-Man Live

The 14th of December 2019, we met again with group Iketeru Hearts for their year-end one-man live called « Kibou no Chizu wo Hirogete ». At first, that live may look like any other one from the group, but let’s not forget that this was the first one for their two new members: Fujisaki Shizuku and Yuzuki Nanaha!

After the classic overture, a remixed version of “Kibou no Chizu” starts the show and sets the hall of Shimokitazawa GARDEN on fire. Similar start as the theme of Iketeru Hearts’ latest tour “PartyTune Discoteque”, the fans understood it right away by responding with roaring calls. “MARIA”, side track from their latest single, follows the show before the first MC. After the usual brief introduction of each member, Nijika points out that their outfits are different from the previous performance, which took place earlier in the day.

The electro vibes of their 8th single “Never stop love” and “KAKERA” set up the audience into a discotheque atmosphere. A special remixed version of “Distance Love” brings the fans even more into this special ambiance, before the girls conclude this first part with “Happy Day=Beautiful Day”. Following the clubbing vibes, the two new members leave the stage at the end of the second MC. The live takes a more classic turn with the sequence of “LOVE♡LOVE♡LOVE”, “TINT” and “Drawing Again”. The third and last MC of the evening give the members the opportunity to talk about the rehearsals and the difficulty of relearning old songs.

Tachibana Rie and Nijika liven things up by teasing the fans, after which the leader starts the following medley: “Sparkle☆Power”, “HEARTS OF JOURNEY” and “Sekai he Habatake!”. The groovy atmosphere is then set back up with a special remixed medley of the titles “Ike Ike BIG HEARTS”, “Jumping!”, “Otomegokoro”, “Lumica Jane” and “Happy End” to finish. This choic of a kind of EDM atmosphere is more and more present in Iketeru Hearts concerts since their last tour and it seems that the community fully enjoys it! Finally, the last song of the main part of the concert resonates with the title “Believe In My Dreams”.

After an intense ENCORE by the fans, the 11 members conclude this solo concert with “Kibou no Chizu”, the eponymous title of this one-man live. This show marked the last of the group with Ochi Karin and Uchida Kotone who will leave on January 11th for their farewell concert in the biggest venue where the band has performed to date: Shinjuku BLAZE!


01. Kibou no Chizu (希望の地図)
03. Never stop love
05. Distance Love
06. Happy Day=Beautiful Day
08. TINT
09. Drawing Again
10. Sparkle☆Power
12. Sekai he Habatake! (世界へはばたけ!)
13. IkeIke BIG HEARTS♡ (イケイケBIG HEARTS♡)
14. Jumping!
15. Otomegokoro (オトメゴコロ)
16. Lumica Jane (ルミカジェーン)
17. Happy End
18. Believe In My Dreams
EN01. Kibou no Chizu (希望の地図)

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Photos and article by Nathan
Translated to English by Jonathan

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