TIF2019: Debut performance for Sashihara Rino’s ≠ME

After successfully producing idol group =LOVE, Tokyo Idol Festival chairwoman Sashihara Rino‘s latest production ≠ME made their performance debut on the stage of TIF2019 this August 4th 2019.
Standing on the SMILE GARDEN stage in front of a crowd of 2,000 fans, the fresh group performed songs written by Sashihara herself, including 4 covers from their seniors from =LOVE, as well as their very first original song, “≠ME”.
The MV for “≠ME” is now on Youtube and the song is available for purchase on all digital platforms such as iTunes.

Comments from producer Sashihara Rino

■ What did you think of this first performance?
“It was hot, wasn’t it? I was a little worried about the members’ physical condition, but I was very impressed by their spirit, it was a very good performance and I was moved.”
■ What kind of song is this first song,”≠ME”?
“=LOVE” is more on the cutesy style, so I wanted “≠ME” to be refreshing for everyone, and tried to go for a summer-y feel.”
■ What kind of direction are you planning on taking with ≠ME?
“I want them to reach the top as idols. Right now, =LOVE is obviously a lot more popular since they debuted earlier, but I hope ≠ME can grow their own character and build a good relationship with =LOVE in the future.”

≠ME’s center: Tomita Nanaka

Comments from center Tomita Nanaka

“After this audition and taking lessons everyday with everyone, there were uneasy moments where I was wondering, will the day of our stage debut really come? But it finally came, and being able to start on this big stage was great.
Sashihara-san told us on LINE, “Today is very hot, so stay hydrated, and since today you will be able to eat a lot without getting fat, please eat a big meal and do your best on stage. Also, please have fun all together so it can be the best day ever.”
I haven’t quite fully realized, but since Sashihara-san appointed me as center, I will definitely do my best to live up to this responsibility. We will do our best all together as the 12 members of ≠ME. Thank you!”

≠ME Debut at TIF2019 – Setlist

01. Start! (=LOVE)
02. Todoite I LOVE YOU♡ (=LOVE)
03. Bukatsuchuu ni Me ga Aunatte Omottetanda (=LOVE)
04. Sagase Diamond Lily (=LOVE)
05. ≠ME (first original song)

Special thanks to ≠ME management for sending us the official pictures and press release.
Translation by Melody

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